Friday, April 8, 2011

For Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities, Etc.

If you are a Minnesota resident in the Twin Cities area, put check out my favorite shops in Buffalo, MN about 30-45 minutes from the Twin Cities, but worth the trip. People go to Buffalo every month from all over for FABULOUS finds, at GREAT prices - often one-of-kinds items.

I sold jewelry at The Three Sisters a couple of doors down - what a wonderful experience: working with such talented ladies, meeting new people every month - it was wonderful.

The Porch is on the corner and the owner's apartment upstairs was featured in Country Living. If you check out her blog you can see pictures. My sister and I toured her apt - WOW!

My niece and I checking out the place last summer.

For my niece, the ballerina

To find more beautiful photographs like this one, click on the link. The photos are stunningly beautiful, so soft and inviting...

April Showers...

Here is the April Shower - a fabulous large drop of water (crystal) from the Beaded Iris on Etsy. Fabulous earrings and necklaces - I've purchased many myself. The following May flowers, also from the same seller.

Bring May Flowers

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Spring is Around the Corner

Cross your fingers - Spring is just around the corner, as it's summer in MN today. I love this picture from a fabulous Etsy photographer. It reminds me that soon the dock will be going out at our lake home and spring cleaning for summer is near.

WOW !!

One of my favorite Etsy Designers, Laura at

Hats for the Royal Wedding - Part 2

If you have been invited to the Royal Wedding, you'll need a hat. The loveliest hats can be found on Etsy.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I Want Candy...

This necklace is fabulous - I see vintage beads in the design, and other yummy beads in bright and wonderful colors.

I love looking at this shop - "Divine Rose" from Sydney, Australia. I find her shop so uplifting and inspiring.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Invited to the Royal Wedding?

Then you're going to need a hat !!

Arturo Rios hats found on Etsy - how fun and fabulous.