Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...

On tough days, many of us refer to this Bible verse to get through the day - I've done it myself and I have an Etsy friend who reminds me too...

Vintage Christian Art Pictures! Inspirational Quotes!
by Jeanne Winters on Etsy

Blood Bought Earrings by Sue on Etsy
I have a pair myself and LOVE them !!

Pink Kitchen

No, I'm not into having a pink kitchen. Unfortunately I do have pink kitchen counter tops and in excellent condition. The woman who owned my condo before the previous owner was into pink, mint and burgundy - everywhere! My baby sister thought black and white damask wallpaper would look cool, and it would - but you can see the kitchen from my livingroom, so I had to pass. I have a sister who is a brilliant decorator who will be helping me remodel my kitchen. I'll have to show before and after pictures, but it will be dramatic, and on a low budget.

But if you do like the idea of a pink kitchen, here are some accessories just for you! Really fabulous items from Etsy - naturally!!

Pink artwork from Etsy

This is just to funny - perfect your friend who isn't into cooking
Also, from Etsy

I remember this recipe box growing up. I'll have to check with my sisters, but either my mom or her mother had this recipe box. Being older is fun when you find vintage items on Etsy from your childhood! 

No way! Fun and practical - vintage Tupperware.
Super awesome!! Especially for those who remember Tupperware parties!

Repurposed vintage domino kitchen magnets - just too cute!

OK, I'm not a pink person, but I had no idea how many cute pink kitchen things are on Etsy, so I'm stopping here, but my list could go on forever...

Mad for Macaroons

from Mod Cloth - I almost want the phone, just so I can buy this cute and delicious case! $25

Channel your inner Julia Child and go French in your kitchen with this fabulous photo,
from HappeeMonkee fine art on Etsy

Taken while window shopping in Paris, "Ladurée my Love" is full of lush pastels and scrumptious little macaroons and other delights. Ladurée is one of the most beautiful stores we have ever seen, and one of the greatest inspirations in our art. The colorful confetti adds a playful touch and reminds us of the delicate sweets that are waiting inside.

Laduree Macacroons photography by Lesley A. Sico

A trip to Laduree by Michelle Baron
Obviously a must see in Paris !!

Ladurée brings to New York its highly popular Macarons, displayed in the most beautiful gift boxes, along with its collection of chocolates, ice cream macarons, candies, teas, perfumed candles and fragrances. This Shop on Madison Ave. is the only Laduree shop in the States. by Anita Huber

Fall Candy

Orit Dotan – vintage buttons and beads from Israel

Are these not the yummiest vintage buttons you’ve ever seen! Almost like candy…

The buttons above are from the same shop - gorgeous on a handmade purse or dress!

Please check out this shop on Etsy. I've made purchases from this shop - wonderful products and fast delivery considering the distance.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Star Wars - Chase on Endor

Photo and legos by our Lego Designer, Jake

A boy and his tabby

Hi - Emily, the adorable tabby here!

My mom changed our blog heading which is a picture of Jake, our Lego designer drawing pictures of me when I was a kitten, and he was a preschooler.

I'm so adorable...don't you think so?!

What my mom finds when it's time to get up for school

What you get when you wake us up - a mad face tabby!

A more pleasant mood after coming in from the outside (the balcony)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Old Fashion Glamour

What I wouldn't do to be able to wear this dress, and have a place to wear it. I was looking up vintage cocktail dresses when I ran across this beauty--just stunning!

Some days I wonder why I don't dress up more--lack of time or motivation? One of my grandmothers use to wear dresses daily, and always with a brooch or piece of jewelry, hose and sensible shoes, and she raised 3 boys! Yes, times have changed, but I'd like to believe that we can get back to that place again, as least some of time.

Visit this Etsy shop for more dresses to dream about...

From the same delightful shop - I call this the "Sexy Secretary" dress - very understated, conservative enough for work, yet a sexy cut to accent your curves and show-off well toned arms!

This dress - obviously "Sweet Sixteen" party dress:

July 4th picnic dress:

The 60's Teen Party dress:

Your "Blue Hawaii with Elvis Presley" playsuit:

OK, I need to stop because I love just too many dresses in this shop, but here is one last one. "The Belle of the Ball" prom dress.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monsters in the closet...

If your parents told you monsters don't live in the closet or under the bed - they lied. Some kids have never seen these monsters, but too many have. You would think most of the kids would be scared, and they are - a little bit, but more often they are braver than any knight in shining armor. One monster is actually a very large family with crazy names; like acute lymphoblastic leukemia, neuroblastoma, hepatoblastoma - but they all have the same last name, CANCER. Children are facing this cancer monster as if it's a fire-breathing dragon (for real), and they have more courage in their fragile bodies than you have in your little finger. So please, give them some weapons to help them fight off these monsters.

Regardless of which group you pick to help kill these monsters, please join the battle and keep kids safe from monsters!

Beading for Birthdays

Necklaces added to our shop for $22.00 with $15.00 going to fight childhood cancer!!  We donate to MiracleKids Triathlon (Miracles for Mitch Foundation) and St. Baldricks Foundation.