Friday, December 28, 2012

Hope in a Jar

I bought and started reading because I remember:

  • Love's Baby Soft
  • Watermelon Lip Smackers
  • Sun-In
  • Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific

Twenty years ago, Allie Denty was the pretty one and her best friend Olivia Pelham was the smart one. Throughout high school, they were inseparable…until a vicious rumor about Olivia— a rumor too close to the truth—ended their friendship.

Now, on the eve of their twentieth high school reunion, Allie, a temp worker, finds herself suddenly single, a little chubby, and feeling old. Olivia, a cool and successful magazine beauty editor in New York, realizes she’s lonely, and is finally ready to face her demons.
Sometimes hope lives in the future; sometimes it comes from the past; and sometimes, when every stupid thing goes wrong, it comes from a prettily packaged jar filled with scented cream and promises.
Beth Harbison has done it again. A hilarious and touching novel about friendship, Love’s Baby Soft perfume, Watermelon Lip Smackers, bad run-ins with Sun-In, and the healing power of “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific.” Hope in a Jar: we all need it.

Enjoying the book so far, the first book I've read by Beth Harbison

2013 Pantone Color of the Year - Emerald

Keep Calm and Sparkle On

Emerald Scarf from Turkey on Etsy
I love the fabulous scarves out of Turkey on Etsy

What more could you want?!

In my favorites - pretty sure I will need to purchase these,
as I love the beauty color scheme

Dig For Victory! is a sustainable fashion label that creates limited edition
from vintage and "end-of-roll" fabrics.

Redhead in Emeralds

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Whole Heartedly Agree

the love shop on Etsy

Declutter Your Bookshelves

Declutter Your Bookshelves

If you have 5 minutes: Straighten books, and dust the very edges of the shelves and any items on display that look dusty.

If you have 10 minutes: Do a quick sort. Recycle magazines that are out of date. Pull books that you know at a glance need to be donated. Dust the shelf edges and around empty space, and move display items to dust around and under them.

If you have 15 minutes: Pull everything from the shelves. In addition to recycling magazines and pulling books to be donated, reorganize books in alphabetical order, by subject, by color, etc. Dust the full shelves before placing books back in their rightful spots.

I love this livingroom courtesy of with all the vintage globes on the top shelves. I absolutely love vintage globes, but not enough space for them -- maybe a good thing.

Daisy Wheel

The Get in Touch Foundation is home of the Daisy Wheel - teaching young women how to do self-exams for early breast cancer detection.

The Get In Touch Girls' Program & Daisy Wheel© was developed specifically for girls in grades 5-12 to educate them on the importance of, and how to do a breast self exam - for life.

There is a Daisy Wheel video demonstration, and a Daisy Wheel app, you can order Daisy Wheel. Please check out this website for lots more information. Until your first mammogram at age 40, your best defense is knowledge and consistent monthly exams!!

To send us your name or the name of a loved one to be added to our “Sister List”, please fill out the form below.

We begin each monthly GIT Board of Directors meeting by praying for all of our sisters on this list – those that struggle (In Honor Of), and those that paved the way (In Memory Of). We send prayers, peace, energy, light, healing, compassion, support and love to all those on our “Sister List” – and to those that love them.

You’re the reason “why we are.”

Violet Jessop - Titanic Suvivor

This is a photograph of Violet Jessop who was an ocean liner stewardess. She happened to be working in the Titanic when it sank. What is amazing about Violet's story is that she not only survived the Titanic, but she also survived the sister ship the Britannic when it sank in 1916. At that time Violet was working as a nurse during World War One.
Violet happened to also be working on the Olympic in 1911 when it collided with the old protected cruiser HMS Hawke off the Isle of Wight.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said: "That which does not kill us makes us stronger."

Violet had a remarkable life despite the experiences she had on the rough seas.

Why this post? I just got done watching a PBS Special

The legacy of the Titanic is explored by "Dancing With the Stars" judge Len Goodman, who once worked as an apprentice welder for the company that built the ship. He visits Belfast, where it was built, and Southampton, England, home to many of the dead, and meets with descendants of the passengers and crew.

New Year's Eve Celebration - Vintage Style

Emerald is also the Pantone Color of the Year 2013

Are you a 60's gal - SwingKatsVintage

New Year's Eve in the Tropics a vintage Pucci - ish

Bill Blass - think "Dynasty"

New Year's Eve - Red Carpet Style

from the 60's

Year End Favorites

London is one of my favorite places to visit. My sister and I were there one December, but never saw anything this spectactular.

London, England - Oxford Street by London Dream on Etsy

Isn't London dreaming and romantic at night?!  Same photographer

A Moving Sale at IKFARNSWORTH on Etsy - fabulous prices on fabulous designs!

I love this adorable picture by Cranky Cats on Etsy and appropriate with today's snowy weather in Minnesota.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

On the Today Show in Singapore

Will and Kate in Singapore

My sister and niece were feature in the video - how cool is that! Some women were curious about what Kate would be wearing -- it's terribly hot and humid there, so it's a little tough looking fabulous in this climate. My niece really wanted to see the Princess and my sister said it was so exciting -- like Christmas.

My niece is sort of a celebrity in her own right in Singapore with her HUGE blue eyes and curly blonde hair, and extremely adorable!

** Give the video a few minutes to load!

Zita B Kids

from my sister's shop - Zita B Kids, also see her Facebook page.

Etsy Wish Book

Remember the Sears Wish Book years ago - toys, Christmas outfits and much more!  Here are items from the Etsy Wish Book...

from Valencia Creations. I purchased matching Christmas dresses last year for my nieces from her shop, and they were fabulous!  All the women in my family sew, and we were very impressed by her work! $13.99


Emily, the adorable tabby here - this is my pick, a cat named Henry. I imagine he is a very handsome, as he's a tabby too. And his mom says he likes to eat dry leaves - silly cat! LOL This photograph can be purchased at Sea Lily Studio. Also like flowers, so my other pick from Henry's mom shop are these lovely flowers.  


If you love to entertain, then you need fabulous sugar cubes for Christmas from the Wishing Well Art and Gifts.


I'm so tempted to buy these stunning earrings for myself. She finds the most fabulous materials for her earrings - I swear she found a buried treasure of perfect vintage finding for her creations. Found at Santolina.    


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gnome Home

If you want to make the cutest gingerbread gnome home ever, check out the step-by-step instructions at Etsy.

Winter Concert

For my son's winter concert I made postcard size invites for my family, which fit perfectly into envelopes purchased from Archivers.  The music tree is designed by an international graphic artist, Bea Krause and her work can be found on Etsy, her shop is called Illustree.

We are also making the programs featuring the same music tree in blue - the orchestra directors were so excited to have color for the first time on the program - they said it's the best program to date - thanks Bea.

I'm looking forward to our Spring concert and more music graphics by Bea.