Thursday, May 9, 2013

National Military Appreciation Month

National Military Appreciation Month started as a simple idea; to gather America around its military family to honor, remember, recognize and appreciate those who have served and those now serving and to know the history behind it all. This idea was then legislated twice to achieve greater national attention and recognition.

Most intriguing to National Military Appreciation Month success is that it's built from the ground up by a handful of volunteers with genuine desire to build public patriotism, awareness and support for our troops and veterans.

Because most holidays commemorating historical military events have become little more than three-day weekends lacking focus on their original purpose, this month is needed to remind us of the sacrifices and the history we as Americans have been privileged to participate in throughout the past 230 years.

As a nation, we observe and participate in various national cultural and social awareness events through mass media attention and educational curriculum. However, we have not allocated appropriate recognition of the most important presence in the world today, an entity that impacts each and every American in a significant way, the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

A dozen ways to Support Our Military and Veterans

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The Licorice Project