Friday, July 30, 2010

My Son's First Triathlon

The purpose was to raise funds for children with cancer, and to give kids a fitness outlet and a personal challenge - to complete a triathlon. My son said when he crossed the finish line it was like a dream and he couldn't believe he did it, and in 93 degree weather. My son and all the other kids, ages 7 to 17 were AWESOME!! He also ran for my dad, who died from cancer October 2009, and watched from heaven.

MiracleKids Triathlon - Minnepolis, MN

Our Mission: To introduce kids to a fun way to get fit, be active and learn the value of giving back through racing in a world-class event.

Our Theme: Kids Racing for Kids Who Can’t

Hundreds of Minnesota kids are battling cancer and are too sick to race, so you’ll do the racing for them. We’ll mark your leg with the name of the cancer kid you’ll be racing in for. We hope you will also choose to raise pledges for the Miracles of Mitch Foundation to make your race more meaningful.

His fundraising page:

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