Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Girl on Fire Earrings

When I saw these Mexican fire opals I immediately thought of the Hunger Games, and how Katiness was called the girl on fire. And the blackened brass settings are a fabulous way to accent these cabs. I've always wants to buy these cabs, a little more expensive than other glass cabs, but couldn't think of a good design for them. This design is simple, but the stones are stunning.

I hope you like them...

Do you like our vintage books in my picture? $1 at Half Price Books and where we also found book 3 of the Hunger Games for my son today. When I get a chance, I'd like to finish reading the first book and then move onto the other two. I did read enough of book one to get a good background before seeing the movie - at midnight!  First time we've hit a midnight movie -- ours was one of few theatres in the country not full of young teens, very surprising as we expected a crowd and arrived early.

I love to read, but there is never enough time, is there?!

Have a fabulous week! 

p.s. from Emily: Mom, find a safe place for those books or find them more worn - I love to chew on hardcover books - not sure why - maybe to annoy my mom. No, not for attention - I never lack for attention, as I'm too adorable.

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