Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beige is Beautiful

Hi, Emily here—today our tabby topic is beige. As you can tell by our pictures, beige is more exciting than most people would imagine.

Vintage Picasso in Beige
I love the pairing in this earring. Beautiful vintage acrylic rounds with a Picasso finish are topped with various copper bead caps, solid copper spacers and Mocha Swarovski crystals. Find these beautiful earrings at a new shop with vintage jewelry made by the fabulous Sue of Blue Marble Beads; a well known Etsy shop for vintage beads. Beware, they are addictive. I would love to play with all the beautiful beads my mom buys from Sue, but we have family members with cat allergies, so beads are off limits.

Beige Universe
My mom loves Tummy Mountain and I sit in her lap when she browses their shop checking out new pictures at They are so adorable, and we are looking forward to the cardboard box adventure, as we saw a sneak peek on their blog. I certainly hope the little ones like adorable tabbies. Did you know the little ones are nominated to be elected the "Cutest of All" To read their election pledges and catch up on news from the campaign trail go to we already voted placed our vote for the little ones. To vote:

Luscious and Lacy Scarf
Isn’t this the loveliest scarf you could imagine! I found it in my mom’s favorites. It’s made by Warm and cozy, yet elegant too. There is also a very pretty pink pouch purse in her sold section that she needs to bring back. Perfect for your daughter or niece—it’s ever so lovely!

The Baby Emily on Beige
As you can see I had to end my beige theme with my cute self on our beige slipcover when I was a kitten. This picture was taken shortly after I was adopted. I am the tabby in Tabbies and Trains, but you probably figured that out by now. -- Emily

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  1. Emily, what a delightful blog hostess you make! Your mom could sell that kitten photo of you--you are so adorable. Thank you so much for sharing my scarf.