Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pink Kitchen

No, I'm not into having a pink kitchen. Unfortunately I do have pink kitchen counter tops and in excellent condition. The woman who owned my condo before the previous owner was into pink, mint and burgundy - everywhere! My baby sister thought black and white damask wallpaper would look cool, and it would - but you can see the kitchen from my livingroom, so I had to pass. I have a sister who is a brilliant decorator who will be helping me remodel my kitchen. I'll have to show before and after pictures, but it will be dramatic, and on a low budget.

But if you do like the idea of a pink kitchen, here are some accessories just for you! Really fabulous items from Etsy - naturally!!

Pink artwork from Etsy

This is just to funny - perfect your friend who isn't into cooking
Also, from Etsy

I remember this recipe box growing up. I'll have to check with my sisters, but either my mom or her mother had this recipe box. Being older is fun when you find vintage items on Etsy from your childhood! 

No way! Fun and practical - vintage Tupperware.
Super awesome!! Especially for those who remember Tupperware parties!

Repurposed vintage domino kitchen magnets - just too cute!

OK, I'm not a pink person, but I had no idea how many cute pink kitchen things are on Etsy, so I'm stopping here, but my list could go on forever...

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