Friday, January 4, 2013

Childhood Cancer

The Truth 365 is a website dedicated to fighting and raising funds for childhood cancer, an underfunded form of cancer - in OUR CHILDREN !!  They are using the power of Social Media to bring awareness to cancer in children !!

First of all, the kid in this video is Taylor Love and she is the one who got me involved in this cause. Over 5 years ago I met her and her awesome family and my life will never be the same.

The second reason is that Taylor is doing well right now and just got clear scan results. She has fought neuroblastoma and then chemo-induced leukemia requiring a bone marrow transplant and then kidney failure and then liver surgery this spring plus a bunch of other things that I have lost track of.

The third reason is that the song is the theme song to our film. It is called “The Truth” and it is written by Nicole Ricken, a 14-year-old from the Chicago area. I met her this spring at a Pennies for Patients fundraiser at her school that was partially for Taylor Love. A few months later I went to Chicago to interview some families for the film and stopped in to meet with Nicole and her family. One of the amazing things was that she wrote this song the day before I got there. She and her family also flew in the DC-area on September 1 and Nicole played this at Ryan Raffel’s Celebration of Life.

The Truth 365

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