Thursday, January 10, 2013

The "Throw Up" Kitty Creamer

The famous "throw up" kitty in our family. Almost all of the siblings has one I believe. When we grew up we only had hot cereal for breakfast, like oatmeal or Malt 'O Meal, etc. (One of my sisters and I didn't know about cold cereal until we started school). Milk went in the kitty cream pitcher and we'd pretend the kitty was throwing up on our cereal ! Obviously we were easily amused -- but so are our own kids!

This one can be found at See Dolly Run at Etsy for $32, a very good price, and what a great way to make breakfast a fun time for your kids - my nieces are loving their throw up kitty joining them for breakfast with oatmeal.

Vintage Cat Creamer made in the USA by Shawnee Pottery on the bottom is stamped Puss'n Boots.

Because I'm a HUGE Nancy Drew fan, I must point out that she also has two vintage Nancy Drew books in her shop. Personally I'm glad I grew up with Nancy Drew and not the Twilight type books that are popular now - now sure why.

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