Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Coming Soon - OOAK Gungan City Earrings

"Ex-squeeze me, but da most safest place t'would be Gunga city. 'Tis where I grew up... 'Tis a hidden city." ―Jar Jar Binks

From Star Wars Episode I - Secreted beneath the surface of a serene Naboo lake is a world entirely different than that encountered above. Here is the hidden domain of the amphibious Gungans, the native inhabitants of the peaceful planet.

The largest Gungan city, Otoh Gunga, is a spectacle to behold. A crowning achievement of unique Gungan technology, the city appears as a glittering cluster of jewel-like bubbles connected together in the dark waters. The bubbles are hydrostatic force-fields that contain breathable atmospheres for the city's inhabitants. Though they are rigid enough to keep the water out, they can be breached by Gungans swimming to and from the city.

Jake's new earring design is based on this city. A you may recall he's GREAT at making his own Legos creations, so when he gets on hands on beads you never know what you may get. These feature clear acrylic beads with bubbles inside - therefore the same. One of our favorite Star Wars characters? Jar Jar Binks! --by mom

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  1. Aaaaah! Sue's bubble beads! I have some on the way. They're great, aren't they? Love the way you used them, Ms. Tabby. :c)