Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Favorites

Isn’t this an adorable and cheerful painting?! Naturally I would pick a painting with a cat, but did you know my two roommates are goldfish? Yes, there are and they live in a tank. I like to use it as a large water dish and my friends don’t mind. I don’t think I scare them, as I’m so cute; at least that’s what I’m told on a regular basis by mom and Jake. Please check out this website for more wonderful paintings. I found another one I really like which I’ll have to post close to Valentine’s Day as it has red in it. You will love it!

My mom is right; it’s too cold here today. But this bright orange goldfish and his friend should warm you up. – posted by Emily, the cute tabby


  1. Oops! I put the comment in the wrong spot. It looks great. Thanks for putting My "All the Amenities" in this Friday's spot.