Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Favorites from the Dark Side

"I find your lack of Lego jewelry disturbing..."

For those who can resist the Force of the Dark Side, this Etsy seller offers much more! My mom and I love this Etsy shop. Mostly because I like Legos, but my mom has order jewelry from him. Here a little bit about this seller, taken off his website: Gr0glmann Designs was created in July 2008 after experimenting with some LEGOs I've had since childhood, and some jewelry findings. They were a hit with family and friends, so I decided to take them online for others to enjoy. They became an instant hit, so I went to work creating more pieces. I introduced cufflinks and they also took off, given that they are coming back into style. I go to California University of Pennsylvania for Computer Engineering, and put all profits from Gr0glmann Designs towards my college tuition. Thank you for your support! --posted by Jake

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